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William Fox as Diplomat. John Baskcomb as Diplomat. Norman Bird as Dr. Marc Smith as Press Officer. Arnold Diamond as Astronomer.

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Eric Richard as Astronomer's Technician. Stephen Barker Turner as Stigwell.

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Al Matthews as Workman. Larry Martyn as Orator.

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Frank Coda as Orator. Harry Littlewood as Orator. Nov 2, Full Review…. Oct 31, Rating: 2. Jul 4, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Oct 16, With a much required dosage of prestige, Sam Neill lends his considerable malice to the serrated, ultimately anticlimactic 'Omen III'. Damien Neill is now a profiteering ambassador to England and he criticizes an Armageddon commercial for being "trite, cliche and rhetorical" which is a modicum of the film's satirical edge which is already an astronomical step-up from the malodorous sequel.

Suddenly the series' mythos has been gerrymandered and a dagger is now the MacGuffin to finally kill the Antichrist. Drivel about the constellation is basically expository overload but the debonair Neill is the scenery-chewing linchpin. His soliloquy about the "ecstasy of [his] father's kingdom" in an echoing atrium is a deliciously megalomaniac show-stopper he caresses the thorn on Christ's crown effigy.

Sadly, the finale to an infant-killing spree by the "Disciples of the Watch" is a dispiriting whimper near a churchyard where evil is thwarted so abruptly with an oversimplified bible quote that the audience feels cheated for being so invested up to that point. Neill is a sadomasochistic firebrand despite the fact that Damien is now Dr. Doolittle with all mammals but 'Omen III' is a brusque capper to the trilogy.

Cory T Super Reviewer. May 16, As his seven year reign nears its end Damien Thorn becomes obsessed with averting the second coming of Christ; meanwhile a secret order of priests acquires the Daggers of Megiddo in order to kill Damien. This final battle between good and evil is surprisingly tame, yet it maintains the ominous and suspenseful tone that has come to define the series.

And, the film's take on Biblical prophecy proves to be quite interesting.

Additionally, Sam Neill gives an impressive performance as Damien, providing a commanding villain. A chilling and atmospheric thriller, The Final Conflict provides a fitting end to the series. Dann M Super Reviewer. Sep 06, An awesome horror movie in the Omen series, one of my favourite movies, I highly recommend it if you liked the other two. Aj V Super Reviewer. Jun 09, The Final Conflict had the potential to be a very strong, redeeming film over the bad second one, instead it's one of the worst sequel as of yet to the original Omen.

I can give him props however to Sam Neil to portray Damien Thorn effectively, but unfortunately his incredible acting ability doesn't even salvage this terrible film. Sam Neil looks like he's struggling to do his best with a poorly written script, and he tries his best to portray an adult Damien, but the film is a failure. I found that the film dragged too long to get to the point of this mess. The Final Conflict could have gone through another two rewrites before being approved by the studio, the concept was good, but the poorly written script ruins the film.

The idea behind the plot were great, and it's a shame the filmmakers couldn't create something more memorable. Like I stated earlier, Sam Neil is a great choice, and is perfect for the part. Unfortunately due to a mediocre script, his talent can't redeem such a poor film. The strength of the film is Neil, but the weakness is a script that is heavily flawed. The film doesn't have any remarkable horror moments, and doesn't deliver anything scary. I think this film could have been a great entry in the series, one that had an interesting idea by having Damien Thorn as an adult.

However, ideas expressed on film are flat and unimpressive. All in all, The Final Conflict is a bad film that could be so much better, it's a shame that with such an interesting idea, they came up with such a mundane entry in an obviously tired franchise. Alex r Super Reviewer. The ad featured a malevolent-looking actor, playing the grown-up Damien, standing in front of the presidential seal. In my imagination, this was a movie that would present the full horrors of the End Times as suggested by the Biblical book of Revelations, a horror that, since it was in the Bible, was accessible to me in a way horror movies were not.

I imagined a Satanic president ordering suffering on his people. Missiles falling from the sky. The population forced to take the Mark Of The Beast. This movie had to be terrifying. And yet, even when I was old enough to rent movies on my own, and I started to catch up on all those horror movies that once filled me with dread, I never watched it.

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Omen III: The Final Conflict (also released as simply The Final Conflict) is a supernatural horror film directed by Graham Baker. It is the third installment in. Rossano Brazzi in The Final Conflict () The Final Conflict () Sam Neill and Lisa Harrow in The Final Conflict () Rossano Brazzi in The Final.

I don't know why. Maybe I didn't want to be disappointed by the reality of the movie vs. Gregory Peck is ridiculously overqualified as the unwitting adoptive father of the Li'l Devil, and the whole film is basically one long excuse for elaborate death scenes that happen near the boy. And it isn't like The Final Conflict has a great reputation, either.

Variety noted, " The Final Conflict is the last chapter in the Omen trilogy, which is too bad, because this is the funniest one yet. The viewing experience: Still, keeping this column in mind, I decided to check it out when the Blu-Ray set The Omen Collection landed on my desk. And you know what? It pretty much sucks. Sam Neill plays the grown-up Damien. Maybe his subsequent work in movies like Jurassic Park has clouded my vision, but I don't find Sam Neill terribly frightening.

Potentially misguided and frustrated? Knowingly evil? That's a tougher sell. It doesn't help that he looks like a Jack Kirby-drawn good guy. He even has a mortal aide de camp Don Gordon who's in on the whole becoming-the-evil-master-of-the-world scheme. They're in a good position to pull it off, too.

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With the world in the midst of a "Great Recession," the Damien-controlled Thorn Industries is riding high, thanks to its control of much of Earth's food supply. Damien uses this to leverage his way into the position of ambassador to England. But first, he has to make sure the position is vacant, which he accomplishes by having one of the series' demonic Rottweilers psychically command the current ambassador to kill himself.

Shades of Budd Dwyer, he commits suicide after calling a press conference. And in typical Omen fashion, he rigs up a Rube Goldberg-like contraption that shoots him as a chipper-looking bunch of reporters enter the room. Why does Damien need to go to England? See All Details and Credits. Watch Now. Buy On. Stream On.

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Critic Reviews. Graham Baker, a British director of television commercials, makes a debut that is technically auspicious, and Robert Paynter and Phil Meheux, the cinematographers, have approximated the rich, chocolaty chiaroscuro of The Godfather saga. Does anyone care?

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Time Out. Read full review. Chicago Sun-Times - Roger Ebert. A terrific opening. But, alas, the moment The Final Conflict turns to dialogue and a plot, it loses its inspiration.

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Washington Post - Gary Arnold. There's sure nothing purgative about the kind of anxiety the filmmakers are exploiting.