God and the Nude Beach

The Day I Found Myself on a Nude Beach
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They've convinced me that it's a wonderful way of life. Why should this be a problem? Nudism isn't a sexual thing. It actually helps break the connection between nudity and sex.

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Besides, it wasn't until Satan came along that man started wearing clothes. Can you give me a good biblical reason why I shouldn't continue my involvement with this group?

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Before he became a Christian Fellowship Ministries pastor, he witnessed on Australian beaches nude as a new convert who ignored norms. You read the title right. Yes, I was a Christian at the time. And the beach was marked: “Public.” (I'd gone jogging on it many times.) Which brings.

Truth to tell, we have some serious problems with most of the assertions you've made. Our objections to nudism are biblical and theological as well as practical. It's easy to say that "nudism isn't a sexual thing" and that "healthy" participation in nudist practices helps people break the association between nudity and sex.

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That doesn't change the fact that, for most of us, that association is ingrained and natural. This is just one of several reasons we'd advise you to discontinue your association with the nudist group you mentioned.


Albert Abarbanel. And intimacy only comes from exclusivity. So they sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves. There is no Christian life without the action of the Holy Spirit, without His inspiration and guidance. Well said IAM

This doesn't match up with what the Bible has to say. Scripture teaches that man and woman were created innocent as well as naked.

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Unfortunately, they lost their innocence when they fell into sin. It's a goal that cannot be attained as long as we live in these fallen bodies in this present fallen world.

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It's also overly simplistic to say that "it wasn't until Satan came along that man started wearing clothes. The Lord walked with Adam and Eve with great harmony in the garden till sin reared its ugly face upon the Lord's creation of man.

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Little children are the happiest when running and playing in the nude - can't you think back that far? Adam and Eve were the first nudists!

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That's a fact! God did not create man with clothing, their fashion was nakedness.


So why do so many well-meaning folks look upon nakedness as something that's wrong? The errors that parents make with raising their children is not allowing them to remain children; instead telling them that it's wrong to be seen in the nude! The facts are, God created mankind without clothing and saw that it was good.

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Yet, we hear the few pastors that'll address nudity saying, "we're called by God to dress modest and pure. Many of these impure are Christ-rejectors and unsaved souls. Everywhere in scripture where it talks of nakedness being covered has to do with unsaved, unforgiven sinners and never once speaks of the truly saved, covered-by-the-pure-Blood of Jesus in God's eyes.