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The Abominable Snowman (Level B1) – short stories in English with audio and text
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Help kids practice counting from with this fun group of snowman experiencing all that winter has to offer.

The Magic Snowman - Short Stories

The sliding tabs allow kids to interact with the story while they count. Before he can get to work on his creation, he has to help his friends and family members with other snowy tasks. What do you do when your snowman is too cold? The children in this fun rhyming book try to help their snowman warm up, then have to build him up again.

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What follows is a chase that ends with a sweet compromise. Filled with charm and fun, this wordless picture book from a beloved illustrator lets kids tell their own version of the story, even as they delight in the action-filled pages. Soon, they reached the pier, they flew above it. The first written reports of the Yowie go back to the s, when a story about the creature appeared in an Australian newspaper. In a great hurry, James searched his pockets. By the time he was done rolling the snowball, it was already time for lunch.

The repetitive story and vivid illustrations will have kids laughing. Follow along as another new item is added on each of the first 10 days of winter, and a snowman begins to take shape. Kids will love singing along to the story. Kids will have lots of fun creating their own dialogue to go with the pictures.


Join George as he ventures outside on a snow day to have some fun and ends up creating a magical snowman friend. The beautiful illustrations and the cute story capture the fun and magic of snow days spent outside.


KindGem replied on 27 January, - Philippines Permalink. HI i'm Kind Gem , I like the story. in 26 January is my winter holiday and i like in. The snowman. Short story. It was nearly Christmas. Katie woke up and found that the world was white and magical. 'Snow!' she shouted. 'Snow for Christmas!'.

Join Clayton and Desmond from the popular story The Biggest Pumpkin Ever, as they both attempt to build the largest snowman. This is a great story to teach kids about the power of teamwork. The Snowman by Raymond Briggs is an imaginative tale of a little boy and his friendly snowman who comes to life.

This wordless picture book tells the story through beautiful illustrations, which allows kids to create their own story every time they read it.

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Snowzilla was written by Janet Lawler and illustrated by Amanda Haley. This book follows two young kids as they build the biggest snowman ever, and then have to fight to keep it up. The peppy rhyming text and adorable illustrations will draw kids into this story of perseverance and creativity.

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What happens to your snowman when you go to bed at night? This imaginative series explores some of the fun activities that snowmen take part in once we are sleeping in our beds.

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The story is told in a fun rhyming pattern and the illustrations have hidden shapes in them for kids to find on repeated readings. Children can describe the setting. Discuss how the snow man feels each time Lily opens the door.

Write a narrative from the point of The Snowman for each scene. Create a flash back for Lily at the point she sees the desk lamp shining the snowman onto the wall. Predict what will happen when she sees this in her office. Write the dialogue between Lily and her daughter as she tells her about the snowman.


Students who require strong magnification and have to scroll to access the visual text, will definitely benefit from good listening skills. Listening is another tool in the toolbox and that will enable older students to access educational content efficiently. All students should be introduced to listening skills - through motivating books - at an early age.

The website includes a writing prompt, word search and snowman art activity.

These print activities can be modified so that students with low vision or blindness can access them digitally.