Berlusconi: The Truth About Italys Much Maligned Premier

Former England boss Fabio Capello was offered the AC Milan job for a third time
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As Lib Dems are first, their stuff is the most complete. This is the Labourlist set-up and the Conservative Future stuff will follow in a couple of days. Each survey generates around responses, with in-depth views and information. The events are 'live-tweeted' so that people outside of the event can view what's being said and ask questions via Twitter. This enables the grassroots to almost be our extra panel member at each event, acting as a counter to the views of the experts on the podium. Let me know what you think Twitter Innovates at Party Conferences [Sep.

Using Amazon-style recommendations, FringeList will point users to all other events at the three main party conferences that people may find interesting. They are also aiming to launch a dedicated iPhone app, and services will be integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Interestingly MessageSpace will also be sending 'Twitter Ambassadors' to all three conferences, so that where attendees have a schedule clash or for people interested in a particular topic but can't attend conference, they will still be able to stay in touch with, and contribute to, the discussion in real-time.

Some of these 'Twitter Ambassadors' are thought to include many of the well known bloggers who are closely associated with each of the main parties. Organisers are also being offered access to the MessageSpace ad network so their events can advertised across the blogosphere, and on the New Statesman and Spectator magazine websites with a guarantee that adverts will be seen by the thousands of people attending the party conferences.

The company operates a unique platform that enables advertisers to target and specify the groups that will ultimately view the ad by reading the IP address of the web user. There are lots of similar experiments taking place. The event, entitled You tweet if you want to: the web is for opposition, not for governing will take place on the Monday evenings of both conferences. The debate will focus on the interaction of social media on politics, from Gordon Brown on YouTube to Barrack Obama's online campaign, the lessons that can be learnt and the new opportunities it brings.

United Supporters Go Social [Sep. I'm an Evertonian btw and this was passed on by another group. Reds in Business is the idea of Duncan Drasdo, chief executive of the independent Manchester United Supporters' Trust, who believes that an association with the club could help drive business links. It has already got a membership of through word of mouth but believes the potential is global and limitless.

RIB promises "90 minutes of business networking, 90 minutes of social and 90 minutes of football", in addition to the appearance of a former player, to try and bring a networking element to match days at Old Trafford. The first event kicks off on Saturday October 3 before the Reds' Premier League clash with Sunderland and networking guru Will Kintish will be in the chair. The website says the group will be built via a social media campaign. I'd like to tell you more about that but there were no details and no way of me interacting with the group organisers via the site, or indeed anything social whatsoever, that would enable me to tell you about the social elements of the campaign, but I guess that comes when you join: However I did find this LinkedIn group.

Craig Elder, the Party's Head of Online Communities, is identifying social media mavens in the locality and is using Manchester's Social Media Cafe, an informal grouping of social media enthusiasts that meets each month to talk all things web 2. Interesting that Craig is taking advice on the approach from Lloyd Davis , one of the founders of London's version of the Social Media Cafe.

This is a small but positive move and reflects the approach in the US, where for example the McCain campaign has daily conference calls with bloggers , including UK Tory bloggers! Loic le Meur also used this on the Sarkozy campaign. The aim is to build a groundswell of support amongst general opinion formers who may be persuaded to engage and debate Tory policies as opposed to rabidly backing or attacking.

There is now an active Northern Labour blogging group, the Northern bloc, that is starting to meet, share ideas and work together on projects as well as being plugged in to the new media team at HQ. The whole thing also needs to be thought through well. I followed up with the Brummie bloggers who attended last year and the feeling was it was a little bit of a damp squib for them DESPITE the best efforts of the Tory new media team.

Social Media Science [Aug. It reinforces a lot of my own thinking in that the turf war currently going between the ad agency, the PR agency, the media buyer, the digital agency for who grabs the burgeoning web spend is becoming meaningless from the client's perspectives.

They are buying outcomes. Outcomes that need to embrace a selection of skills but agencies are still trying to grab budget within the confines of their existing structures. There may be a couple of senior people who 'get' the web and they may have a 'digital team' but ultimately the rank-and-file is still geared up for a commodotised version of the old world. My business is PR and I feel we make a convincing case for being the discipline that understands audience behavior and knows how to build relationships and score on 'earned attention'.

But really, as with all agency models, most of the staff have grown up with a commodotisation of part of the discipline. In PR's case its writing press releases and contacting journalists on a press list. That's average media relations, not good public relations. A client's communications outcomes are being redefined and agencies that genuinely understand their craft can adapt. Agencies that largely have just commodotised a bit of their craft and call that understanding their craft will just keep stretching and stretching until they break.

From my point of view a lot of my new business is coming in in partnership with my close friend who is a web developer. Clients are not paying for 'a website' in the new world either. Between us though we can produce online collateral that people want to use and that makes the client useful amongst the online networks it's interested in i.

I agree with all that. PR and advertising has to get more scientific and more analytical. But there's still plenty we can learn from the best of Madison Avenue and the Dream Factory. It will still be about telling stories and selling dreams as we're still aiming at human beings, whether they're clients or consumers, and its emotion that turns them on.

Look at this for a lesson from The Master in turning something functional into something emotional. But anyone would keep their head down after the firestorm that was caused yet Hannan has been back on the US circuit, being interviewed on reason.

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What's his strategy. Is he just being carried along on the hubris of his moment in the sun or is he deliberately trying to smoke out the Notting Hill set that surround the leader's office? I'm not sure but one thing stands out. He's dangled some red meat to his fan base in the UK Tory party with the mention of Powell.

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Tories normally do this by mentioning Thatcher but would never risk referencing Powell, such a controversial figure with his 'Rivers of Blood' speech about the dangers of immigration. Hannan has been clever though in that he's made no mention to race or immigration in the text of what he's said so it's easy to defend in the media. What he's done is appeal to the emotional element of the brain. This is common in US politics, where Hannan is making friends , and works by using certain words or imagery to imply something that activates the emotional side of the brain.

It attracts the little trolls who hide under the bridges. A society committed to the notion that government is always bad will have bad government. And it doesn't have to be that way. They are running a senseless war in Chechnya, which is certainly killing large numbers of Muslims, and which is presumably the kind of "war against terrorism" and against Islam that you approve of. As to your comment about the alliance of the left and islam, it is truly deserving of a troll comment.

Islam, against abortions, against sodomy, against women's rights, against the separation of the Church and the State, has a lot more to do with the right than with the left. The populist government is reorganizing the Venezuelan oil industry, taking a bigger share from multinationals. Planners are reorganizing the banking system, placing stringent restrictions on lending while creating state banks.

Venezuela is also developing a state-to-state barter system to trade goods as varied as cattle, oil and cement with countries including Argentina and Cuba, its closest ally. It may not be communism, as detractors contend it is, but it mixes socialism with capitalism and what some call improvisation. The new measures, which include seizures of factories, mines and fields that the government calls unproductive, play well domestically.

Rivas Silvino, who works in a diaper factory run in part by workers under a state co-management plan, said: "I'm not afraid of socialism and never have been. The world is afraid. I say, don't be afraid. In return, the new management - made up of the original owners and the workers - receives government credits and other incentives. Despite the measures, there has been no noticeable exodus of foreign companies from Venezuela. Banks and oil companies are making record profits, thanks to energy prices that have left the country, the fifth-largest oil exporter, awash in petrodollars.

A day earlier Chavez had announced that the Branger family, which owns the estate known as Hato Paraima, was willing to give up 30, of its 53,hectare ranch. Chavez did not walk onto the branches to disqualify the new custom: "The game of terror, very much part of gringo culture. Terrorism, meting out fear to their own and other peoples.

The Problem of Trieste and the Italo-Yugoslav Border:

This is possbilty the craziest shit to ever come out of Sr. For a man who has become such a rallying point against the ills of neo-liberal globalization, this is not good, it makes the whole opposition look sort of nuts. Thank god there is: In a strange incident, 5 days before 14 pumpkins made to look like bomds appeaed in the streets and plazas of Caracas, causing the police bomb squad to detonate the devices in controlled explosions.

The pumpkins showed phots of Chavez, and wires to give the appearance of being a bomb, although letters attached to them said they were only a "warning". The appearance of the pumpkins was preceded by plastic and cardboard hung from street signs and traffic lights, with slogans against Chavez. Ok so maybe no quite batshit crazy, but what do you bet that by the time that this makes it into the English langauge press all reference to the pumpkin bombs will have been deleted.

Such is life, so it goes The test will be once oil money drops or stagnates - will the system put in place by Chavez survive that downturn?

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I am not very optimistic, I must say, although it looks to be less wasteful spending than the last time around in the 70s. In Saudia Arabia and Nigeria, the answer is clearly no, while in Russia, I think it is still an open question. But that kind of story doesn't end at the water's edge: In recent weeks, there have been the first hints that a weakened president also is starting to find it harder to get his way around the world.

Compilation of Silvio Berlusconi's funniest blunders

Instead, in a body where resolutions normally pass unanimously, 12 of the 35 countries represented abstained, and one -- Venezuela -- voted no. Last month, in Geneva, the U. While vowing to resist changes, U. Rumsfeld: Oh, I wouldn't think so. It is hard for people to become convinced of something they don't want to be convinced of.

If one looks at Afghanistan first and thinks about it four years ago: Al-Qaida was there, the Taliban was running the country, women couldn't go out, kids couldn't fly kites, they were killing people in the soccer stadium instead of playing soccer. Look at it today: Of course they have the narcotics and problems of corruption, but they have an elected president, the constitution is a purely Afghan constitution, they have a parliament, they have provincial elections, the refugees have returned, internally displaced people have gone home, the economy is growing at a good rate.

It is a considerable success story but it's largely unnoticed. Now, go to Iraq. I don't think that people are convinced there either. I doubt that they will be in two, three or four years. Fischer was so adamant in his position. On the other hand, I think it was a renowned Middle East scholar who said, that things are not good in Iraq, but they've never been better. Everyone wants to have the Iranians as part of the world community, but they aren't yet.

Therefore there's less predictability and more danger. Rumsfeld: I would not say that.

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Guardian: Berlusconi's outburst puts strain on relations with US George Bush yesterday praised Silvio Berlusconi as "a strong partner in peace" during a meeting at the White House, but the two leaders avoided any public discussion of Italy's plan to withdraw troops from Iraq or claims by the Italian prime minister that he repeatedly tried to talk the US president out of an invasion. Meanwhile, Liverpool's manager, Roy Hodgson, granted an immensely candid interview in which he declared that "he couldn't do any more". BBC News Online. It does not escape me that an essentially prosperous country with zero population growth will never demonstrate rapid economic growth - and if it did, there would probably be something quite suspect, such as excessive borrowing to fund growth. Archived from the original on 17 July

I thought France, Germany and the UK were working on that problem. Rumsfeld: I'm not talking about sanctions.


I thought you, and the U. You've got the lead. Well, lead! Rumsfeld: Sure. My Goodness, Iran is your neighbour. We don't have to do everything! The report, by the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, describes some progress but also an array of projects that have gone awry, sometimes astonishingly, like electrical substations that were built at great cost but never connected to the country's electrical grid.

With more than 93 percent of the American money now committed to specific projects, it could become increasingly difficult to solve those problems. Issues like those "should have been considered before," said Jim Mitchell, a spokesman for the inspector general's office.

New statistics compiled in the report also reveal a jump in deaths and injuries of contract workers in Iraq, many working on reconstruction projects. At least contractors and other civilian workers have died since the American-led invasion, of them Americans. In June these numbers, based on insurance claims, were and , respectively.

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Berlusconi: The Truth About Italy's Much Maligned Premier [Giglio Reduzzi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Faced with so many. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. A native and resident of Italy, the author has a doctorate in.

So who is going to finance the rebuilding of Iraq? There was none of the worldwide outpouring of grief, for example, that accompanied the death of Pope John Paul II earlier this year. But make no mistake, the end of Alan Greenspan's reign at the Fed is as key a moment for the world's financial markets and economy as a change of pope is for the Catholic church. Everyone knew that year-old Greenspan's fourth term was to expire at the end of January. It is just that for 18 years he has been in the hot seat of the world's most powerful central bank and that made it difficult to imagine life after Greenspan until it actually happened.

But, assuming that the senate approves US President George Bush's nomination of Ben Bernanke, his chief White House economic adviser, to the role, then change there will be and Greenspan will head off into the sunset and perhaps pore less over economic data every month although you would not bet on it and worry less about irrational exuberance in the markets. So what do we make of the Greenspan years and how will history judge him?

It it is too early to tell. Not surprisingly, he has attracted as many detractors over the years as fans, being labelled "maestro" by supporters while others have accused him of allowing imbalances to develop that threaten to tip the United States and global economies into an almighty slump. As yet we do not know, for example, what will become of the US housing bubble, if indeed it is a bubble. We do not know how painful the eventual unwinding of the US enormous budget and current account deficits will be.

And we do not know whether inflation -- which is higher today than when Greenspan took over at the Fed in -- will continue rising and require a sharp rise in interest rates to bring it back under control. In other words, judgement day for Greenspan lies somewhere in the future, although probably not too far. That's probably the most balanced article on Greenspan I read Fran, I wonder why you post all these Greenspan stories. Are you worried about the dollar?! She also promised a transformation in Germany's relationship with its two closest allies, Russia and France.

Mrs Merkel wants "more distance" with Moscow and a looser, less exclusive alliance with France's president, Jacques Chirac, officials from her Christian Democratic party told the magazine Der Spiegel. She also wants to improve relations with the new EU states in eastern Europe, especially Poland, they added. Mrs Merkel's aides also held out the prospect of Germany playing a "moderating" role in Europe - able to adjudicate between competing national interests within a vastly expanded EU.

However, the Social Democrats will hold on to the post of foreign minister. Although Mrs Merkel would be able to set "accents" in foreign policy, the "main thrust" would come from the SPD, the party's deputy leader, Gernot Erler, said at the weekend. He said he would not stand again for the leadership after his candidate for the post of SPD general secretary was defeated by a leftwinger, Andrea Nahles.

The Christian Democratic Bavarian leader Edmund Stoiber, economics minister designate, has also indicated that he might quit. Not much out on this topic yet. Sorry, I have to leave for work bevor most of it will be online. In Texas, thousands of evacuees who found shelter in apartments face eviction threats because rents are going unpaid. In Louisiana, some evacuees are beginning to show up in homeless shelters because they haven't received federal aid or don't know how to get it.

Advocates for the poor say the situation will worsen this winter. That increases the need for apartments, trailers and mobile homes. NOLA has totally disappeared from the news, it seems. Since then we've had another hurricane, an indictment, a Supreme Court nominee withdrawal and replacement, and a nominee to replace Greenspan. Jerome, you seriously need to get up to speed with the short attention span of the modern public!

Their talks open against a background of growing concern about the visible effects of man-made global warming, such as the disappearance of 40 per cent of Arctic sea ice, and the potential impact of rapid growth in China, India and other fast-developing economies. Tony Blair, who invited the ministers to the summit, is expected to address them today. The new dialogue was kickstarted at July's summit of the world's richest nations in Gleneagles, Scotland, where Mr Blair pushed climate change to the top of the agenda - then disappointed many by appearing to concede too much to the United States, the biggest producer of greenhouse gases.

The US has refused to sign the Kyoto agreement on climate change. Britain itself is on course to badly miss its stated target of a 20 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by Labour's efforts have partly run aground because of government policies that, over the past eight years, have made transport cheaper by private car than by public means.

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Military Wants to Own the Weather In fact, military officials and weather modification experts could be on the verge of joining forces to better gauge, react to, and possibly nullify future hostile forces churned out by Mother Nature. While some consider the idea farfetched, some military tacticians have already pondered ways to turn weather into a weapon What would a military strategist gain in having an "on-switch" to the weather? Clearly, it offers the ability to degrade the effectiveness of enemy forces.